What We DO

Data Architecture

What, Where, When, Who and Why

Data Architecture plans for success

Data Models and Meta Data stores

Data Warehousing

Manage your data and manage your business

Integration, Cleansing, Mastering,  Archiving

Data Analytics

Derive business insight and action plans

Operational Reporting, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Business Process Modeling

We Endorse Data Vault 2

DV Modeling

Data Vault modeling speeds delivery of customer information and is flexible to meet your demands. Model your business not your systems.

DV Architecture

A scalable architecture you won't outgrow. Integrate new and old, RDBMS and NoSQL. Any size, from desktop to the clouds. The only warehouse architecture designed for today's MPP platforms.

DV Data Integration

Integrate any kind of data from any source, rapidly. Load everything into the raw vault in parallel. 

Target RDBMS and/or HDFS. 

DV Change History

Capture history of every change. Fully auditable and traceable. 

DV Agile Delivery

Speed time-to-market, improve data quality,  eliminate re-engineering, repeatable patterns and code automation.

DV Self Service BI

Supports virtual marts, business rule injection, business write back, master data integration

Data Vault 2 Services

Engagement Options

We've been building data warehouses since 1994, we guarantee success.

 Select the level of service that meets your needs.

Full Service Delivery Partner

From requirements gathering to platform architecture, design and build to implementation and hand-over, we do it all.

DV2 Jump Start or POC

Ok, you've read the book, the management team is excited to move forward and now it's time for your first sprint. 

In two days TRIDATA will review your:

  • Requirements gathering approach
  • Data Vault modeling pattern
  • ETL design framework
  • Platform Architecture
  • Data quality framework
  • Operations plan

We will get you moving in the right direction, fast.

If your stakeholders are not sold yet, then let a POC do the talking.

 In one week's time  TRIDATA will:

  • Model one business unit process
  • Complete source data profiling to identify business keys and data cardinality
  • Create a fully attributed Data Vault Model for one subject area based on source data
  • Record source to target mappings
  • Build a Source - Stage - Data Vault load process including full change history data capture
  • Model and create one business data mart 

Staff Augmentation

Requirements Gathering, Data Modeling

Let us lead your requirements gathering session or help validate your business model. A solid model is the key to a successful project. Data profiling is your starting point.

Metadata Driven Data Integration

Whether you prefer hand coding ELT or leveraging a fully automated integration platform, we can enable your team or work with you to drive success.

Data Quality and Operational Excellence

You can't manage what you don't measure. We design data quality and load process metrics into the integration process. Operational dashboards are  standard.